Traditional Japanese Dishes That You Must Try

Whenever you are visiting a Japanese restaurant, you have to be ready to taste all kinds of dishes because they have some really weird ones. Of course, all of them are extremely delicious, you just have to try them before judging by the looks. If you have ever tried Japanese cuisine before, then you already know that they like to eat spicy food a lot. If you don’t like eating hot food, then Japanese cuisine might not be the best for you, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it. there are plenty of dishes that can be prepared without the hot spicy ingredients.

There are so many different Japanese dishes that people often forget about some of them. We are here to remind you of some of the best traditional Japanese dishes that you just must try when visiting a Japanese restaurant. We did all the hard work for you, we have been researching and using our knowledge to make a list of these must-try dishes.

Rice Bowls

If you mention Japanese cuisine, you cannot forget about the most popular Japanese dish and that is rice bowls. When it comes to rice, there is nobody who can prepare it better than Japanese chefs. They just know all the right tricks and secrets that need to be done when preparing the rice. When you are eating rice from a regular restaurant, and after that try eating Japanese rice, you will immediately feel the difference between the two of them. Traditionally prepared rice has much more flavor and texture to it and it is never sticky.

Rice bowls are a dish that can be found in every Japanese restaurant because it is very simple to prepare. Of course, this is not a simple bowl of rice, you get to choose from various toppings that add a unique taste.


This is a noodle type dish that is extremely popular all-around Japan. If you want to find the favorite night meal of Japanese people, you can stop searching because it is ramen. Ramen was imported from China, but Japanese people made is really unique and great tasting. Ramen in China was never a popular dish because they were not able to find a good balance in the taste. When it was implemented in the Japanese culture, they made it completely different. If you ever visit a Japanese restaurant, you must ask for a bowl of ramen. You cannot visit a Japanese restaurant and leave without trying out ramen. Of course, if you don’t like the taste, you can try some other noodle types and find the one that you like the most.