Sushi, the Specialty of Japanese Cuisine

When it comes to Japanese cuisine there is one special dish that they are known for all around the world and that is sushi. Most likely you have already head about or even tried sushi somewhere because it is so popular. However, finding a good sushi place or restaurant is not that easy. If you do some research about sushi restaurants in your area, you will most likely find several restaurants that have sushi as a dish on their menu, but maybe only one of them will have somewhat good tasting sushi. The biggest mistake with sushi that people make is that it is a dish that is prepared easily without any effort and it is quick.

Well, if you have seen some Japanese chefs do it, you would think that also, but they just make it look easy and fast. In reality, if you don’t have any experience with sushi, it will take you a long time to master the preparation process. The Japanese chefs are going through many years of practice and training long before they become a real sushi chef. So, that is one of the reasons why most of the restaurants you are visiting have bad sushi.

Experienced Chef

If you want to try out the real deal, the sushi that is actually just like the original Japanese ones, then you have to find a restaurant that has Japanese masters. Of course, they don’t have to be Japanese, but they need to have the certificate that they have passed all the education and training that is required to prepare sushi. Once you find a restaurant that has a chef with such a certificate, you will be able to experience the real Japanese cuisine through a dish that is very popular. Making low-quality sushi rolls is easy, but making high-quality ones require a lot of skill. You can find various types of sushi that are prepared with various fish types.


One of the specialties of Japanese sushi making is to prepare the sushi with the Fugu fish. If you don’t know anything about the Fugu fish, then stay here because this is quite interesting. Fugu fish is actually a very poisonous fish that is used as a delicacy when it comes to sushi. Preparing this fish for the sushi requires an enormous amount of experience and knowledge. If the chef makes a mistake and leaves some of the poison inside the sushi, the person eating it can possibly die.

These chefs are highly trained in cleaning and preparing this fish because they have to be careful themselves. If they accidentally cut themselves while preparing the fish, they can also easily die from the poison. So, you should never try to eat this fish type if you are not 100% sure that you are in a high-quality restaurant.